Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

TRANG: I was born and raised in Regent Park. From the age of 13 , I worked multiple jobs but only for months at a time (never longer than 6 months). Went to post secondary but got suspended after failing too many classes. The great thing was my parents were not strict or hard on me which gave me the freedom to be positive , continue to explore opportunities and not give up.

How working with Paintbox Catering & Bistro did help you in your career & personal goals?

TRANG: Paintbox was the first job where I stayed for longer than a year (I think 3 years total ??). Paintbox helped me succeed by believing in me and allowing me to learn different skills in different roles. with no experience in dining service and little knowledge (read: no knowledge) in food, I started as a server. I then transitioned to behind the bar where I learned the art of bartending (and wine!) From there, I got a taste of restaurant management, being an executive assistant, and planning and executing catering parties and events. I even learned how to drive (by constantly being behind the wheel in "Boxie" (the Paintbox truck) ) (but I never told anyone I didn't know how to drive. Now you know, Chris :))
Paintbox taught me transferable skills and I will be forever grateful! Helped me in my personal goals because It made me realize every position is achievable…you just have to work hard and know what you want!

Where are you now?   What's next for you?

TRANG: Project Manager for our construction and development company. We are currently renovating properties with goals to buy land and develop brand new multi unit properties next. My last exam to become a licensed realtor is also next weekend.